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New release: Dec. 1, 2023


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Anne, Erynn Marshall, Laura Risk, Jean Hewson and Christina Smith came together virtually during the pandemic to record two concert videos (for Harbourfront and the North Atlantic Fiddle Convention in Limerick) and now, their first CD (thank you, Canada Council!). Official release date: December 1, 2023. - Also add Portage tune to this page, and an order button which goes to my e-mail - $20

Discography (right hand column) : ADD 2023: Portage. Debut recording from the new ensemble with Christina Smith, Laura Risk, Erynn Marshall and Jean Hewson. Falcon Productions FP823


Old Man's Table
Released Nov. 11, 2015

Old Man's Table

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Anne's tribute to one of the grand old men of Manitoba fiddling, "the daddy of them all" as he had been called. She first heard him in 1984 and has played and taught his music ever since. There's nothing quite like it.

For more info on Grandy and his tradition, and to hear the original field recordings, go to:

"Well done! This is a wonderful collection that    preserves more of the traditional Metis tunes and demonstrates the variations that the older players put on some of the standards."
John Arcand, Saskatchewan

What a fine project this is!The quirky nature of many of the tunes is a real highlight and far outside the box of what we consider Canadian fiddle. I enjoyed the tunes, your playing and Ian's fine guitar work.
Gord Stobbe, Nova Scotia


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The ground-breaking new trio of Anne Lederman, James Stephens and Emilyn Stam - music with deep roots, soaring branches and birds landing on distant shores.

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Re-issue of the landmark 1984 recording.
Ontario traditional music as you've never heard it. .



2019 CHRIS RAWLINGS: Orchard Nights

2019 NJACKO BACKO and KALIMBAS AT WORK: Tous les enfants de l'Ontario.

2015 OLD MAN'S TABLE: Tunes from Grandy Fagnan. Falcon Productions FP515.

2013 NJACKO BACKO:: Ici bas, rien n'est impossible.

2013 MUDDY YORK. The original 1984 recording
re-issued on CD.

2011: EH?!  Falcon Productions FP111

2009 HAWP: Storm and Calm. PLSNT001

2009 IAN BELL: My Pious Friends and Drunken Companions.SR 109

2009 NJACKO BACKO: Ou est L'amour.

2006 NJACKO BACKO: Ba Ba Oh.

2003 NJACKO BACKO: The Conscience of Africa. NB 2003

2002 Anne Lederman: Fiddlesong. John Switzer, producer. Falcon Productions FP005.

2001 Tamarack: Tree. John Switzer, producer. SGB 033 2001

2001 Allison Lupton: My True Love. Allison Lupton and James Gordon, producers. Learig Records.

2001 Njacko Backo and Kalimba Kalimba: Kakoua (don't cry!). Njacko Backo, Rich Greenspoon and Chip Yarwood, producers. NB-2001

2000 Anne Lederman: 7 Cats. Anne Lederman, producer. Falcon Productions FP003

2000 Ian Bell: Signor Farini and Other Adventures. Free Range Recordings, FR 201

1999 Anne Lederman: Come From Every Way. Anne Lederman, producer. Falcon Productions ALCD 02

1999 Garnet Rogers: Sparrow's Wing. Snow Goose Songs SGS1127CD

1997 Stuart McLean at the Vinyl Cafe: The Christmas Concert. Vinyl Cafe Productions VCD 0001

1996 Ian Bell: Free Range. Free Range 961

1995 Holly Cole: Temptation. Alert Music Z21S 81026.

1995 Lewis and Molesworth: Heart So Black. Ken Brown, producer. Stationmaster Music SMCD 1

1994 Faye Kellerstein: A Feygele Zingt. Yiddish - 1

1994 Joseph Maviglia: Memory to Steel. Steelrail Records SRC 100

1994 Anderson and Brown: Alone With a Dream A&B 103CD

1992 Bonnie Abrams: A Sudenyu of Yiddish Song. Dynamic Recordings, DRKCD 131

1992 Flying Bulgar Klezmer Band: Agada. Flying Bulgar Records FBRCD 002

1992 Rick and Judy: What a Wonderful World. J&R Records JR 892C

1991 Anne Lederman: Not A Mark in This World. Aural Tradition ATRCD 119

1991 Eileen McGann: Turn It Around. Dragonwing Music DRGN 112

1990 The Flying Bulgar Klezmer Band. Flying Bulgar Records FBR CD 001

1990 Ian Bell: A Grand Musical Entertainment: Grassroots Music of Early Ontario. Sound Reconstructions.

1990 Mariposa in The Schools: Circle of Friends. Celebrating 20 Years of Mariposa in the Schools. MITS 0090

1988 Oliver Schroer: Millie's Waltz. Big Dog Music 188

1988 Arlene Mantle: In Solidarity. On The Line Music OTL 007

1986 Bill Russell: Bon Appetit. Chantez, Dansez, Jouer CDJ 1037

1985 Grit Laskin: Lila's Jig. Fogarty's Cove Music FCM 009

1985 Ian Robb: Rose and Crown. Folk Legacy Records FSI 106

1984 Banana Split: More Mariposa in the Schools. CBC Radio Variety MITS 0084

1984 Muddy York: Scatter The Ashes: The Music of Old Ontario. Boot Records BOS 7244

1983 Mary Minas: Bila Moma V'Edno Selo: Macedonian Songs and Dances from Lerinsko. MM036

1983 Rick Avery and Judy Greenhill: Land of the Silver Birch. J&R Records JR 583

1981 Howie and Barb Banfield: Late Nights in Alberta. Dalyrimple Records.

1980 The New County Line. Windsor Records and Tapes WL 8002

1980 Peter Thompson: Half Fast. Peter Thompson Productions

1979 Tawna: Forest Phantom. Terry Christenson. Radio Canada International E 1267.


Fiddlesong CD Cover

Falcon Productions FP005

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7 Cats CD cover

Falcon Productions FP 03

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Come from Every Way CD Cover

Falcon Productions ALCD 02

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Not a Mark in this World CD Cover

Aural Tradition ATRCD 119
Re-released by Falcon Productions

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Falcon Productions: FPCD387
Produced by Anne Lederman

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