Anne Lederman


Falcon Productions FPCD387
Produced by Anne Lederman

Originally a double-album set of field recordings plus a 20-page book containing notes, interviews, photographs, historical and analytical information, this historic set of recordings has been re-issued on the Archive Series of the Canadian Museum of Civilzation. The recordings date from 1965 to 1985 and were made in two communities in western Manitoba: Ebb and Flow/Bacon Ridge/Kinosota, and Camperville/Pine Creek.

The fiddlers on the recordings are the inheritors of a proud musical tradition which has developed over the past 200 years, ever since the first white trader with a violin set foot in the west. The music is truly "Metis" ("mixed"), reflecting the influence of both French and Scottish fiddling, as well as Cree/Ojibwa traditional music. These recordings will be of immense interest to fiddle enthusiasts, to those involved in First Nations traditions, and to all who care about the folk traditions of Canada.

". . . the most important collection of old time Metis fiddle music ever published." The New Breed

Hyacinth Mckay Grandy dancers

2 fiddlers Freddy does the jig