Anne Lederman


Anne at Algoma Trad
Anne at Algoma Trad

Anne with the band

njacko at the Gladstone
Njacko and Joaquin at the Gladstone

Anne has performed at Festivals and clubs in Europe and North America, on countless theatre stages, at barn dances, fairs, in hospitals, churches, community centres, at gatherings large and gatherings small. Sometimes she is alone, sometimes with an accompanist, sometimes she leads a band. She fiddles – Irish, Scottish, French-Canadian, Metis, Klezmer, Bulgarian, a little swing. She sings original songs and old Canadian songs in English, French, Gaelic, occasionally in Yiddish, Macedonian or Ojibwe. She has pioneered her own special brand of singing and playing fiddle simultaneously. Sometimes she plays piano, accordion, long-necked mandolin, tenor guitar, bones, jaw harp and feet.

Anne has several thematic shows: Spirit of the Narrows (her journey into the world of Indigenous fiddling), Talamh an Eisc: Irish music in Canada (with Peter Jellard and Pat O'Gorman), Hardanger 5.0 (Anne's adventures in the world of Norwegian hardanger), and Stick Tales (stories, songs and tunes from a life in Canadian folk music, on voice, fiddle, feet, tenor guitar and more).

with Jean Hewson, Christina Smith, Laura Risk and Erynn Marshall., Youtube: Portage Fiddle

New and Old Canadian music, from James Stephens, Emilyn Stam and Anne Lederman. Visit Page

A duo with old Muddy York buddy, Ian Bell, featuring trad and original Canadian songs and tunes.  Hear what 40 years of playing music together can do.

Njacko Backo
Toronto’s kalimba master, experience Cameroon in Canada. Njacko's web site

Anne at the Symphony
Anne made her debut in 2010 with the Stratford Symphony in a stunning new arrangement of Tamarack'er Down by Martin Van de Ven. For A world music orchestra exoerience - singing, clogging, fidlding, see where you can go.

The whole shebang: Tom Leighton (piano, accordion) Ian Bell (guitar, button accordion), sometimes bass and percussion. Songs to dare the devil, tunes to save your soul. See the Fiddlesong page

Fiddlesong Dance Band
From a duo to the full quintet, the Fiddlesong Dance
Band inspires you to jump for joy. Concerts and Dances.
See the Fiddlesong page


Anne also does special shows for kids. Click here for more information.




Anne at the Gladstone
with Njacko at the Gladstone

Anne, Deb and Tom

Anne with the Stratford Symphony