Anne Lederman


Anne's Instruction books
Tamarack'er Down:
A Guide to Celtic-Canadian Fiddling Through Rhythm

"Of all the fiddle instruction books in my collection, her book series stands out . . all the things that make fiddling enjoyable!"

"Small, confidence-building steps, enabling students to achieve an awesome sound, a musical ear and a beautiful heart"

A special Fiddle Method to help you learn the essentials of playing Celtic-Canadian Fddling from the very beginning through to advanced techniques of bowing, rhythm, fingering and ornamentation. Tamarack'er Down is designed to help you learn by ear, so reading music is not required, just a willingness to dive in there and give it at try.

Part III: Advanced is on the way. Watch for it  in 2018!

Anne has taught for: The North Atlantic Fiddle Convention, The Wales Fiddle Festival, The Lakeland Fiddlers (England), The Viljandi Folk Festival (Estonia), The Swannanoa Gathering (North Carolina), The Inuvik Fiddle Society, The Kole Crook Fiddlers, Strings Across the Sky,The Orangeville Fiddle and Step-Dance Camp, Algoma Trad (St. Joe's Island, Ontario), The Hockley Valley Fiddle Camp, The Sunshine Coast Summer Camp, Smithers March Break Camp, Goderich Celtic College, the Oakville Suzuki School, The Cabbagetown Suzuki School, The Woods Music and Dance Camp, the Waldorf Summer Strings Program, Worlds of Music Toronto, Dixon Hall, The Augusta Heritage Centre (West Virginia) and at Festivals throughout Canada and the U.S.

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Winter/Spring 2023-24:
Anne and Rose Bolton offer classes at The Royal Conservatory of Music in downtown Toronto at 4 levels: Beginner, Intermediate (1-2 years experience), Intermediate II (continuation of Intermediate I) and Advanced (more than 3 years). Classes run in 13 or 14-week sessions, beginning in September and January. Advanced classes are on specific styles: Scottish, French-Canadian/Métis, Old Time Canadian, or Irish. WATCH THIS SAPCE for more details on next year’s offerings.

For further info consult the RCM Community School Calendar, or e-mail Anne. For Registration, please go to or call RCM: (416) 408 - 2824.

Beginner: Just got a fiddle? Always wanted to learn? These classes will help you zig when you should zig, and zag when you should zag. Using Anne's acclaimed method, Tamarack'er Down, Rose will get your feet and bow moving in no time. 

Intermediate: For those who have played a bit, whether fiddling or classical violin, here's where the real stuff starts to kick in: double-stringing, different kinds of slurring and rhythm, rhythm, rhythm. 
Taught by Rose Bolton. 

Advanced: Scottish/French-Canadian/Métis/Irish/Old Time Canadian: Great repertoire from throughout the country, this class focusses on one of the above styles each year. There are practice videos or mp3s to listen and play along practice. Anne has been lucky enough to learn from some of the masters and wants to pass it all on to you. Here’s some samples of different styles:

Grandy's Devil Tunes.mp3,

Navvy on the Line/Green Groves of Erin
Doctor Gilbert's

Tamerack’er Down Ensemble
For adults with at least 4 years experience playing, this ensemble works on innovative arrangements of mostly Celtic-based repertoire, with a view to performing. Great for learning about harmony, backup and arranging for any melody instrument.

Sometimes Anne does workshops in other styles: 

Old-Time CanadianFrom The Ottawa Valley, Don Messer and many other champions of the Old-Time styleBowing the Strings.mp3

Irish: Anne has lived in Toronto for over 40 years, where she has had the opportunity to learn from some of the best Irish players in the world - Seamus and Manus Maguire, Brian Tahaney, Loretto Reid, Ena O'Brien. Visiting the old country to hang out with Peter Horan and Noel Tansey completes the circle. Paddy_McNichol's/Old_Favourite.mp3

Klezmer: A member of the Flying Bulgar Klezmer Band for 5 years, Anne explored the traditions of Eastern Europe, delving into the Archives and playing with modern masters. That Klezmer Thing.mp3

Improv/Swing:  From explorations into the world of swing and jazz fiddling, to back-up of folk/country music, Anne can help you release your ability to play along with whatever is going.

Remember, it's all about listening, hanging out with good fiddlers, asking questions, watching, imitating and just jumping in there.

AT ANNE'S HOUSE (Toronto) For adults (Beginner to Advanced) and kids (intermediate to Advanced). Contact Anne for more info.

ONLINE WITH ANNE – On Zoom. We will test the connection ahead of time, set a lesson time, and we're away!

Adult (14 and up): I hour - $ 70 

Youth (10-13): 45 minutes - $50 – must have already been playing for at least 3 years.