Anne Lederman


Anne Lederman has been called:

"a national treasure" (Gary Cristall)

"one of the most talented musicians in the country" (Derek Andrews)

"an amazing artist" (Richard Flohill)

She "brings to life the traditions of our country's people and she does it all well" (Cristall)

" . . . a country of such diversity couldn't have a better ambassador" (Singout Magazine).

Anne performs on her own or with back-up as Fiddlesong, with Ian Bell as Lederman/Bell, with James Stephens and Emilyn Stam as Eh?! and with Njacko Backo.

Jan. 2015 News

Fiddlesong at Studio 2


Tamarack'er Down
J'ai mis les cordes a mon violon mp3
African Suite: The Call mp3

Anne Lederman

Ian Bell and Anne in Estonia
Ian Bell and Anne in Estonia

Emilyn Stam, Anne Lederman,
James Stephens

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Anne Lederman
"Spirit of the Narrows"
Njacko Backo
Spirit Horse

The original 1984 Muddy Yorkrecording, re-mastered 
for the 21st century Muddy York
Tamarack'er Down:
A Guide to Celtic-Canadian
Fiddling Through Rhythm
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